The Great British Beerathon

Written by James Benjamin (Hash name: Paula Redcliffe). Photography by James and Friends.

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The Great British Beerathon

If you are British there are two truths that probably apply to you. First you are probably bad at sport and second you like beer. Hence the Beerathon!

London Hash House Harriers Beerathon runners London Hash House Harriers Beerathon runners take an interval break

Image left: Team Holland completing lap one with pints in hand. Image right: Beerathon runners take an interval break.

5 Miles, 4 Beers and a Stomach-load of Foodstuff

The Beerathon is a unique challenge in athletics in which competitors not only complete a five-mile run but also have to overcome four unique challenges. These are true challenges of human endurance and Britishness. Yes, four beers and four English foodstuffs, one at each mile interval. So after downing a pint of bitter and a Cornish pasty it is back to running. As you can imagine, by the end of the fourth break, with four beers inside you and four varieties of horrendous stodgy food the running gets hard.

As part of my marathon training regime and most importantly for a good laugh I took part in the first ever Beerathon. It is amazing how a session slows you down; on mile five I was beginning to run sideways and started experiencing blurred vision as I circulated Putney Park.

Hasher Princess’s Beerathon and Sweetheart the 'Model' Hasher

The Beerathon is now an annual event run by Dave Hellard, better known as the Hasher Princess from the London Hash House Harriers. It is now in its second year and the men’s event has twice been won by Sweetheart, also known as Phil Ralph. As you can see from the photos the event attracts many people and is a real challenge as well as a great laugh and is born out of Hashing. Hashing is a form of social running event combining running and drinking; I think you are seeing a theme...

London Hash House Harriers Beerathon Group Games London Hash House Harriers Beerathon Group Games

London Hash House Harriers's Beerathon Group Games.

Post Beerathon Drama

London Hash House Harriers Beerathon - baby on the run

Like all sporting events it was not without its share of controversy. In the first year the winner Phil was disqualified, as he was unable to eat the apple crumble after the race. It was a bit much to try and run with apple crumble and mustard in the stomach! We also indulged in a few after race drinking games which defied logic and a bit of can stomping, even if one little chap did try to run off with a can.

Get in the Olympic spirit for 2012

The Beerathon is run each year and going from strength to strength, so if you fancy getting in the Olympic spirit for 2012 keep an eye on Retox and we will help you get involved. For the record the usual challenge of the Beerathon is laid out below.

5-mile run around Putney Park with a beer and food stop at every mile where a pint and some stodgy English grub must be eaten in the following order:

Lap 1 Bitter and Porkpie
Lap 2 Cider and Cornish Pasty
Lap 3 Lager and Scotch Egg
Lap 4 Guinness and Apple Crumble (we ate this after running)


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