Upholstered Beds - Stuff of Soft and Sweet Dreams

Written by Adena Goldstein

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The Master Bedroom

Following the recent trends of 2013, our desires for upholstered beds continue to reflect the general demand for the fabric covered furniture.

The perfect bedroom is the one that can be a romantic oasis on the nights we feel frisky, yet an inviting temple of rest for the moments when we need to recharge our batteries, a relaxing office when we need to pay a bill and a lounge when we want to simply veg-out and read a magazine, watch a film or play on the iPad. While the bed is becoming accepted as a more versatile tool for its use, we expect nothing less of our bed than to provide us with the comfort we seek.

The Upholstery Trend

The designers are seeing a trend towards upholstery – upholstery softens everything, and this is one of the reasons upholstered beds and headboards continue to stay popular. Upholstery tends to eliminate sharp corners and edges (great news if you’re as clumsy as me!) and upholstered headboards provide a nice steady backrest that book-readers and phablet-junkies enjoy alike. If you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy having a soft cloud in your bedroom that you could effortlessly drop yourself into and get snug in.

Creating the Perfect Master Bedroom

To create the perfect master bedroom the atmosphere and the mood has to be set. Yet, when it comes to setting the mood, one of the things I find people straight away jump to is the lighting. However, I always leave atmospheric lighting to the end and consider working on the object that is the centre piece of attention – the core of the room. If you think about it, generally speaking when you enter a bedroom, the first thing your eyes will subconsciously find and focus on is…the bed. Based on the bed that you see your mind will make an automatic and instant subconscious decision on whether the bed is inviting or not. Upholstered beds paired with good bedding tend to have an excellent score rate for such inviting appeals of comfort – and that is before you even unleashed the creative design-demon in you.

Upholstered monochrome bed

Upholstered bed for monochrome colour scheme.

Many of us are our own interior designers with heaps of ideas and personality and deep visions of how we want our bedrooms to look like and feel like. We want to set the colour scheme, the tone, the feel… Ideas are plentiful. Yet our wallets may not always be. With upholstered beds you are able to pick and choose colours at an affordable price that will work with your colour scheme. Whether you want beige, brown, cream, blue, black, grey, it’s more or less available out there. For instance, the 2013 uber-hot monochrome trend that rotated into the 2014 can easily be realised with an upholstered grey bed frame within the region of as little as £300. (For my example I explored upholstered beds on bedsaleonline.co.uk and referenced "Limelight Ophelia Upholstered Bed Frame" currently on sale for £309.00 – pictured left). Essentially, whatever your creative vision, upholstery provides superb opportunities to reach such realisations.


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