Sorapol AW13 Collection

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Sorapol AW13 Collection Review and Catwalk Images

Sorapol - The 'Immortal' Man

To the masses this 25 year old fashion designer originating from Bangkok, Thailand is virtually unknown; however after displaying his impressive autumn/winter collection for 2013, Sorapol Chawaphatnakul will now be a familiar name to fashionistas amongst us.

In 2006, Sorapol moved from his native Asia to London to study at the London College of Fashion, and like many before him and many to come, he fell in love with the city, saying the 'chromatic culture and atmosphere' inspired his fashion and work. When studying for his BA in Womenswear he realised his influences were not found in the classroom but outside, thus he soon began collaborating with other designers with the hope and ambition to one day start his own range full of his designs. In 2011 the anticipation was over as he set up his unique fashion brand 'SORAPOL' and shortly followed was his first collection ‘True Colours’. Now two years on he is making a name for himself by releasing new designs ready to capture the eye of fashion lovers around the globe.

Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image1

Sorapol AW 13/14: Toned and tailored - male designs showing the torso

'The Beauty of Xiaohe'

The collection named 'Immortal' is Sorapol’s fourth collection, and for the autumn/winter season he decided the 'Immortal' collection shall tell a story, adding dimension and mystery to his fashion. The story behind the designs is based upon a young girl who was gifted to a Chinese Emperor; she then travels across the Asian continent, visiting India and Persia, and collects treasures as she goes. With her aristocratic status, it is in no time that delusion arises and the young girl soon begins to believe she is the grand ruler of every land she finds herself in. Eventually the girl became known in the story as 'The Beauty of Xiaohe'.

Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image3 Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image2

Sorapol AW 13/14: Blue beauty - bold expressive hues of colour.

Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image4 Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image5

Sorapol AW 13/14: Mysteriously magnetic - designs to draw you in.

Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image6 Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image7

Sorapol AW 13/14: Floaty feminine - trails of delicate fabric followed the detailed dresses.

Sorapol does an impeccable job at displaying that feeling of the Beauty of Xiaohe’s delusion and her imprisonment; resonating through the collection is the portrayal of the girl being an object of her emperor through the collection’s striking impracticality. This is magnificently done by the sky-high block heels that reduce the walk to a limited, slow, elegant stroll; head-pieces that are very highly decorated (which were designed by Emily Frances Barrett) that obscure the vision and, occasionally, cover the face, hiding her view. Sorapol ensures the story of the young girl predestined to be trapped, yet covered in glorious treasures is strongly conveyed with each of his pieces in this ‘Immortal’ collection.

Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image9 Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image8

Sorapol AW 13/14: Woman in white - classic white highlighted the beautiful ‘Immortal’ designs.

Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image10 Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image11

Sorapol AW 13/14: Sky high - sculpted, constructed heels mirrored by sculptured headwear.

Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image12 Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image13

Sorapol AW 13/14: Desirable detail - pieces show intricate embellishments.

Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image14 Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image15

Sorapol AW 13/14: Empress of China - beautiful colours, material and designs.

Sorapol’s collection was paraded in a stunning Georgian house; grand residence of Lord Edward Davenport. It is of no doubt a luxurious environment for a collection influenced by the Empress. Despite the label being relatively unknown, it was a full capacity show at 33 Portland Place, with reportedly numerous people, who were hoping to catch a glimpse of the show, being turned away upon entry.

Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image17 Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image16

Sorapol AW 13/14: Extravagantly eye catching - a design definite for turning heads.

Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image18 Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image19

Sorapol AW 13/14: Lady of luxury - gorgeous tailored piece maintain its feminine allure.

Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image20 Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image21

Sorapol AW 13/14: Lined with gold - lavish embroidery saved for the prosperous.

The ‘Immortal’ collection exudes an almost ‘regal glamour’ with the exotic and elaborate embroidery witnessed across the garments. Sorapol’s collection includes such contrast with floaty backless gowns juxtaposed with boxy jackets and shapes. The collection displayed an array of shapes, with a range of ostentatious fabrics involving silks and flagrant rich prints.

Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image23 Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image22

Sorapol AW 13/14: Hidden away - the world cannot see the Beauty of Xiaohe.

Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image24 Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image26

Sorapol AW 13/14: Asian crown jewels - expressive jewellery and accessories for a royal.

Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image25 Sorapol AW13 fashion show Immortal, image27

Sorapol AW 13/14: Princess in purple - bold colour + bold design = statement collection.

Sorapol’s fourth collection left all those in its presence quite awestruck with its beauty, superfluity and magnetism. Head Designer Sorapol Chawaphatnakul aided by his Creative Director Daniel Lismore, together showed off their stunning designs for A/W 13 by taking extravagant oriental inspiration in the collection filled with embroidery and embellishment. An east meets west type theme, this collection really made an impact, covering the catwalk in opulence. The collection has propelled the essentially unheard of Thai designer into the spotlight. This collection ‘Immortal’ is suitably named as judging by these lavish designs and garments, the name Sorapol will live on in the world of fashion for many years to come.

Sorapol Autumn/Winter 2013 collection 'Immortal'.

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