Pandemonia rocks Portobello!

Story by Marijhaa Andre, photos by Lin Vitali

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Pandemonia at the Children of Vision hairdressers

Retox Magazine and many onlookers in Portobello had a spoonful of entertainment as Pandemonia, along with her dog Snowy, rocked up to the Children of Vision hair salon to get her vanity fix.

Pandemonia got made up and polished up by John who runs the quirky Children of Vision hairdressers on Portobello Road, and Channel 4 dug into Pandemonia’s personality fun bags as they filmed for the well-known Channel 4 TV series ‘Seven Days’ – the TV programme that follows people living and working in Notting Hill.

Pandemonia visits Children of Vision hairdressers in Portobello

Retox Magazine, Channel 4 and Joey Skye shoot Pandemonia

The new unleashed 7-foot superstar Pandemonia attracted much attention from onlookers who watched Retox Magazine, Joey Skye and the Channel 4 crew simultaneously shoot Pandemonia as John sprayed her hair with the finest imported silicone.

Pandemonia meets and greets her fans

Pandemonia’s fans had all gathered outside the Children of Vision salon waiting in anticipation to meet and greet her. As Pandamonia leaves the salon many cameras, along with the Channel 4 Seven Days crew follow Pandemonia around the Portobello Road.

Pandemonia did not disappoint her fans

Alike many other camera friendly celebrities, Pandemonia did not disappoint her fans. She posed for cameras, spoke with kids, signed autographs and continued to spread her charisma around Portobello.

Pandemonia at Portobello

Pandemonia gets a coffee break!

Finally, alas! The well deserved coffee break! Exhausted Pandemonia enjoyed a latte at Mikes Cafe on Blenheim Crescent along with Snowy and friends.

What’s next for Pandemonia?

Pandemonia is the Pop Artist, who has recently graced Grazia, Sunday Times, Vanity Fair and ID magazines, is a symbol of beauty and lifestyle. She is a cartoon with a super-model figure that has come to life attending and parodying top events, lavish parties and appearing on many gossip pages. If you want to catch her or tune-in into her whereabouts, keep your eyes and ears open or follow Pandemonia on her blog.

Also watch this space for Retox Magazine’s interview with Pandemonia. Many mysteries may get solved!


Pandemonia rocks Portobello!

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