Miss Kimberley’s exclusive online journal.

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Miss Kimberley’s exclusive online journal.

Diary: Miss Kimberley, Photography: Lin Vitali

A Tranny is Born

Miss Kimberley is one of London’s most fashionable transgenders. Having graced a series of magazine covers, the inside pages of numerous publications as well as our TV screens, Miss Kimberley is now a familiar face, and a face that has now officially been Retoxed!

Many countries, several continents and an endless number of venues have seen Miss Kimberley’s fabulous live cabaret show, where she sings jazz, blues and love ballads. On the 16th of September, Miss Kimberley will be singing in London at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern on Kennington Lane – an event not to be missed.

But here is the cool part: exclusively with Retox Magazine, Miss Kimberley shares a few pages from her personal diary. This online journal looks at her life, her busy schedule and all the mishaps that take place in her wonderful world of entertainment.

The Pages. The Diary. The Online Journal.

Miss Kimberley’s online personal diary. Entry September 11th 2010

I woke up after the worst sleep at 6:24. Too much on my mind. The show is in 5 days and I just found out my drummer has to go back to his country on the day of the show.

miss Kimberley - online personal diary

8:00 I went to the gym and had a very hard work out. Working out for me is just great, especially when I’m under stress. And I need to keep a supermodel figure.

10:00 Made my smoothie. Trying not to panic about the drummer. It’s Sunday and I don’t want to look for a last minute drummer today.

3:00 The stress is too much. I have to find another drummer. Called my musical director, Richard Link to help me find a drummer. I’m sure he was not happy with me, never-mind. It had to be done.

6:00 Still trying to find a drummer.

8:00 I call Giovanni my guitar player to see if he knows of anyone. He does not answer and his machine does not come on.

10:00 I have had enough. Gio still does not answer and Richard can’t find anyone. There’s always something to stress you out before a big show.

11:00 I went to bed. This day has been all too much for a black woman.

Miss Kimberley’s online personal diary. Entry September 12th 2010

Again I wake up stressed, this time at 5:28. What a DRAG!!!!!!! It’s Monday and I have fittings.

8:23 I’m back at the gym. I look in the mirror and look fat. I’m not eating ever again.

miss Kimberley - online journal

10:45 I get a call from Gio my guitar player. He went away to Spain for a weekend and didn’t tell me. I wanted to murder him, just joking. I told him about our drummer Valibore.

12:00 I go all the way to Hampstead to see my lovely and gorgeous friend Johanna who is a model and host and who is making all my clothes. Her label is called ‘Stitch Bitch’. I trust her with my life and have given her full control over the outfits. The first outfit is a gold evening gown and a huge coat trimmed in fox fur to open the show. I’m not sure about the green coat trimmed with fur. I was thinking of something in white and silver with sable fur to open.

The fitting goes well. However Johanna reminds me that she has control over all the outfits, LOL.

3:30 On my way home I get another call from Gio. He found a drummer, halleluiah! I wonder what he looks like. To be honest I don’t care as long as he can play like a pro.

5:47 I get a call from my PR guy at Neil Reading PR, Matthew Christian. He has set up a face book account for the night of the show. Thank god.

8:00 I have another smoothie and try and watch some TV and relax. Relax? Did not happen.

Miss Kimberley’s online personal diary. Entry September 13th 2010

6:20 I wake up and I drag myself out of bed feeling a bit more relaxed.

8:05 I go to the gym.

11:00 I let the cleaner in. My room is a mess; it looks like a DRAG bomb has gone off. Still, I tell him not to touch my room.

12:00 I run over to Manolo Blanhnik to try and find a pair of gold shoes. Not a damn thing in gold that I like.

12:15 I try Gucci, again nothing.

12:50 I pop over to Fendi, again nothing.

2:30 I go to Gina on Bond Street. Wow!! I find my shoes to go with the opening dress.

2:40 As I’m trying on my shoes, Matthew my PR guy calls to tell me he has set up some interviews for me with 3 magazines.

3:05 I decide to look around more for shoes. I’m not sure I want to spend £500.00 for a pair of shoes.

5:30 After looking around I decide to go home.

5:40 I get a call from Johanna asking if I could do an emergency fitting.

6:55 I get to Johanna’s. I’m still not sure about the coat. After she takes more measurements, she fits me for my 2nd half dress and it’s white and silver, halleluiah lol. I’m happier now. I always have to have a long split, as I have to show off my long legs.

8:00 I get home shattered. I have a rehearsal on my own and realize I don’t like the opening song anymore.

miss Kimberley - online personal diary

Miss Kimberley’s online personal diary. Entry September 14th 2010

4:20 Can’t sleep.

8:05 I’m back at the gym.

10:45 I get a call from Sam, my assistant, wanting to know if were doing a guest list? I say yes, if you're press, producers, agents or the Queen of England.

11:00 I rehearse with the band. I was not looking forward to it as Richard and myself have to teach the drummer everything, what a drag!!!!!!!

12:00 During rehearsal I realise I need a bass player as the first song requires a heavy bass line. God dammit.

2:56 I do an interview for a gay magazine, it goes very well.

4:00 I go back to Selfridges to look for gold and now silver shoes.

5:30 I leave with a few things in mind. I really like those Jimmy Choos and Loubotins. The shape of these shoes makes my legs look even longer.

5:42 I get another call from Matthew my PR guy, asking me what celebrities I want to invite. I told him Joan Collins and Stephen Fry. Oh yes and Bassey. Matthew laughs and says "Can’t you settle for H from Steps?" I say "Hello NO!" We both laugh.

Miss Kimberley’s online personal diary. Entry September 15th

OMG I could not sleep a wink as it’s the day before the show.

8:00 I’m sooooooooooooooooo tired but I drag my ass out of bed and go to the gym.

11:00 I go for another fitting and hopefully the last. The clothes are not ready yet but the opening coat is looking good. I do trust Johanna.

12:01 Matthew calls and has another interview for me with a paper at 5:00.

12:35 I go to rehearsal and Gio has found a bass player. We have only one day to teach him everything. The director, Victoria Wilson James from Soul to Soul and the Shamen comes to rehearsal to go over everything. She is in two minds about the bass player. I feel stress coming on and I needed a drag from Victoria’s cigarette. No!! I said to myself at the last second of desperation. I had one of my many pills instead.

3:45 I go back to Gina and buy those damn shoes. I’ll just look at it as an investment. To be honest I think it was the pill I had.

miss Kimberley - phone-interview

4:40 Katia calls from the Royal Vauxhall tavern to ask if everything is ok for tomorrow. I lie and say yes. I still need a pair of silver shoes.

5:00 I do an over the phone interview, which dragged on and on.

6:30 I’m hungry as hell but I keep thinking I have to fit into a size 8, ok 10.

7:50 My make up girl comes over to do a make up and hair test.

10:05 I take some sleeping pills.

Miss Kimberley’s online personal diary. Entry September 16th

I wake up at 8:26 and feel great.

8:43 I run to the gym with Sam.

12:00 We start rehearsal and it goes well.

2:00 Johann arrives with the clothes. They are all fantastic. There is one problem; my white dress is now purple. I didn’t say a word. I still need shoes and even though the dress is now purple, my shoes still need to be silver.

3:37 I go home and look for a pair of shoes in my closet. I can’t find a damn thing. I can’t get stressed but everything has to look the part.

4:05 I run around the corner to Crusaid to look for a pair of shoes. I’m not lucky again, what a DRAG!

4:35 I call my assistant Sam to find me a pair of silver shoes in a size 7 or 8 and even a 6. I tell Sam, ‘This is an emergency!’

5:00 I go back to the Tavern to start make-up.

6:30 Johanna turns up with a pair of silver Stella McCartney pumps.

6:45 Sam turns up with 6 pairs of silver shoes from Primark to Barret.

6:47 I fire Sam, just joking. He did his best.

6:55 I choose Stella, better fit and they look hot.

7:00 The doors open. I hope Stephen Fry is here.

8:00 The show starts.

miss Kimberley show - online personal diary


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