Film Review: The LEGO Movie

Review by Christine Thompkins

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The Film: The LEGO Movie

Academy awards winners, performers with over 100 films under their belt, and actors praised for their dramatic portrayal of world leaders. Although it doesn't sound like the cast of the latest children's movie, Warner Bros' new 3-D adventure, The LEGO Movie, has a list of talent that is nothing short of spectacular. Hollywood's biggest stars had a blast lending their voices to the colourful animated movie, but it's the fans that really benefited from the top tier ensemble. The film attracted LEGO enthusiasts between ages of 6-60, and grossed over ₤8,174,634 during its opening weekend alone.

The LEGO Movie Plot

Emmet is an average, happy-go-lucky construction worker in the LEGO city of Bricksburg. When the evil Lord Business (played by Will Ferrell) threatens to take over the LEGO world, Emmet is mistaken as "the most extraordinary person" who is said to be the LEGO world's only hope for survival. With the help of his new superhero friends, Emmet has to figure out how to save the world before time runs out on Taco Tuesday.

Actor Review

Chris Pratt provides the voice for main character Emmet. Most know Pratt for his role on Parks and Recreation as the goofy yet lovable Andy Dwyer, with whom his LEGO counterpart has a lot in common. Pratt's boyish charm and cheerful nature shine as he delivers a hilarious and heartwarming performance, reminding us that anyone can be a hero.

Elizabeth Banks brings her perfectly timed humour to the main female character, the independent and free-spirited Lucy. While it may have been Banks' first time in a large voice-acting role, she delivered a witty performance that fans have learned to expect from the comedy veteran. She's appeared in projects such as 30 Rock and Scrubs, along with films created with well-known director Judd Apatow. Banks was featured in his 2008 film, 'Role Models,' as well as his directorial debut '40-Year-Old Virgin' back in 2004. That was when her capricious, exhibitionist character helped make the film what PictureBox accurately describes as a "beautifully awkward tale". Indeed—and if you somehow haven't seen that film yet, this could be your time to watch it.

While Morgan Freeman isn't new to voice-over work, it is one of the first times that fans get to see him in an animated comedy. Freeman's noteworthy pipes made him the perfect choice for the wizard Vitruvius, who draws the attention in the same way Freeman's captivating pipes make you want to stop and listen.

Fans will also catch the voices of other A-List stars such as Liam Neeson (Bad Cop/Good Cop), Will Arnett (Batman), and Billy Dee Williams (Lando), among dozens of others. While the only time you may see the majority of the LEGO actors is in your favorite PG-13 or R rated flick, they come together beautifully to give this kid-appropriate comedy a dash of satire and dry humour that can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages.


Though the entire theme of the movie centres on a commercial product, not once do you feel as though the creators are trying to sell you something. The Telegraph best describes this fun, imaginative story as, "A Star Wars-Matrix hybrid with jokes, that bounds along with a kind of crazed, caffeinated energy. Dig down a little, though, and you realise that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the film’s two-man writing and directing team, are telling a classic quest story precisely because those stories are so Lego-ish at heart." Adding to the wave of nostalgia the film invokes in older viewers, they also use computer-generated form of stop-motion technology, to make the people and objects move just as pieces do in real life during play.

If you don't believe me, take it from the movie's theme song, Everything Is AWESOME!!! - The Lego® Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Everything Is AWESOME!!! - The LEGO Movie - Tegan and Sara feat. The Lonely Island


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